How Can You Drive Without Worrying About Small Items Dropped?


Samll iteams are so easy to drop especially when you make a U-turn during drive. SEAMETAL Car Seat Gap Storage Box can be so much HELP during your drive. With it/both in your car, there would be no hassles to store your smartphone, wallet, water cup and other small stuff while driving! SEAMETAL+Car Seat Gap Storage Box+Filler with Cup Holder

AVOID DISTRACTIONS WHILE DRIVING - Drive safe, keep your eyes on the road and save valuable time from digging between the seat and center console to find your dropped keys, smartphone, credit cards, or cash. You will end up droping/losing items under your seat. SEAMETAL car seat gap filler will help you create storage too, keep items tiday and provide you an easy reach to them and also give a touch of flair to your car because of its elegant design. SEAMETAL+Car Seat Gap Storage Box+Filler with Cup Holder

ALL YOUR ESSENTIALS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - Keep clutter under control and maintain all your valuables neatly organized and handy with our convenient car storage pocket. You will have room for hand cream, coins, gloves, documents, pens maps, sunglasses, cell phone, and wallet, among others. Hit the road in style! Designed with convenience and functionality in mind it will certainly help you enjoy your rides! SEAMETAL+Car Seat Gap Storage Box+Filler with Cup Holder

ORGANIZE THE SPACE AT YOUR CONVENIENCE - Getting extra storage and keeping hard to reach areas clean is now easier than ever! This car seat crevice features two practical separate dividers to adjust the divisions and organize your accessories as desired. It allows you to have some sort of organizational freedom and secure the organizer between the seat gap for more stability.

UNIVERSAL FIT MADE WITH QUALITY MATERIALS - Stylish and elegant, made from durable quality materials for a long-lasting experience, we developed a useful car storage solution to fit most of the vehicles. You can it buy with confidence, either for you or as a gift for your husband, wife or a friend! You can move it from one car to the other in seconds without any issues SEAMETAL+Car Seat Gap Storage Box+Filler with Cup Holder

100% SATISFACTION, THIS IS A RISK-FREE PURCHASE - Customers’ satisfaction is our motivation! We put a lot of effort into every product we sell as quality is a priority for us.

CONVENIENT TO USE: The car seat gap organizer features the user-friendly safety design, strictly in accordance with the car front seat design, it will not get stuck in the safety buckle, and it will not affect the driving. The seat gap storage box can be moved freely and features enough moving space so that it will not affect the safety buckle. SEAMETAL+Car Seat Gap Storage Box+Filler with Cup Holder

Drive carefreely and happily after making sure no worries at all about anything would drop into the gaps/under the car seats. Enjoy your driving!

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