1000W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants 3500K 660nm Full Spectrum Daisy Chain Plant Light
Why it is so efficient?New SMD LED chips and light reflectors emit stronger and more focus light. Equal the performance of a 1000Wtraditional HID grow lights with only 145-watt power draw and save your electricity bills.We added a timer to...
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Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 1000W 2000W Phyto Lamp For Plant Indoor Growing
Features Includes all spectrums that your plants needed. Simulated natural lights at all growth stages. Using super bright LED chips. High output PPF. Engineered to keep the balance of the PAR/Lumen Output. High Luminous Efficiency. Lower watt gets larger illumination....
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62W Red and Blue LED Grow Light
This Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Lights Panel uses custom-designed high-efficiency red blue light Quantum Boards. With a total of 100 top-bin Bridgelux SMD3030 LEDs, this fixture produces 12,000+ lumens with just 62 watts of power. Specification:Input Voltage: AC 100-220...
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LED Grow Light Bulbs Red and Blue 5 Bands E26/E27 Standard Socket
Use our Blue, Red, UV, IR, and White 5 Bands Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Light Bulbs to maximize the amount of quality light absorbed by growing indoor plants. Greater energy efficiency, low running costs for growers. Features: Dark blue light...
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18W LED Grow Lights Red and Blue Dual Heads USB-Powered
Blue and red color spectrums are the two most beneficial color wavelengths to assist with cultivating healthy plants. This 18 Watt USB Indoor Plants LED Grow Light was designed to maximize the amount of quality light absorbed by growing plants. Specification: Power: 18W Input Voltage:...
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