62W Red and Blue LED Grow Light


This Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Lights Panel uses custom-designed high-efficiency red blue light Quantum Boards. With a total of 100 top-bin Bridgelux SMD3030 LEDs, this fixture produces 12,000+ lumens with just 62 watts of power.

Input Voltage: AC 100-220 V
Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
Equivalents Power: 62W
Real Power: 62 Watt
Body Size: 10.16*10.16*1.77inch/258*258*45mm
Net Weight: 1.9lbs/860g
System Efficiency: 123 Lm / W
Initial Lumens: 12300 Lm
LED Chip: SMD3030, SMD2835
LED Wavelength: R: 630nm; B: 465nm; W: 6000-6500k; UV: 390-400nm; IR: 725-735nm
Brightness Ratio: 8: 1: 9: 1
PAR: 18" Height (315 µmol/m2/s), 35" Height (78 µmol/m2/s), 59" Height (32 µmol/m2/s), 79" Height (18 µmol/m2/s)
Covering Area: Φ2.6ft (18" Height), Φ4.3ft (35" Height), Φ6.6ft (59" Height), Φ7.9ft (79" Height)
Material: ABS & PMMA

120-watt power draw, equivalent to 750W T5 or 1,000W CFL output or 750W metal halide.
High-efficiency Bridgelux SMD3030 LED
Red and Blue Light for better results
Reliable passive-cooled design
Included with NEMA 1-15p plug
Coverage Area:
Veg/clones: 2'x 2' (max. 2.5'x 2.5')
Flower: 1'x 1'

The LED Grow Light Panel is designed to maximize the amount of quality light absorbed by growing indoor plants. Helps indoor plant growers lower running costs with greater energy efficiency.

Dark Blue Light Emitting Diodes (465nm):
Dark blue wavelengths are particularly important during the vegging stage of the growth cycle in order to produce plants that will grow healthy side stems and stay shorter/grow wider. This is because blue light diminishes a plant hormone called auxin which can cause plants to grow tall and spindly. While blue light naturally occurs most during the fall and winter months, with the Dual Band LED grow light panel growers can ensure plants receive adequate blue light all year round.

Deep Red Light Emitting Diodes (630nm):
Plants contain a photoreceptor that makes them particularly partial to big doses of red light, which naturally occurs most during the spring and summer. The red wavelengths enable the creation of a plant hormone that prevents the breakdown of chlorophyll, and this, in turn, keeps plants looking lush and green for longer (particularly important during spring and summer). Plants that receive big doses of red light will be able to grow strong and tall during the flowering stage of the growth cycle.

White Light Emitting Diodes (6000k~6500k):
Similar to the natural sunlight at midday during summer, this strong white light is great for plants during the veg stage, as well as for seedlings. The addition of the 6000k white light closely mimics the light plants would receive if grown outdoors.

UV Light Emitting Diodes (390~400nm): For sowing and sterilization.
IR Light Emitting Diodes (725~735nm): For Plant flowering.
Wide Application: Suitable for Planted Aquarium Tank, Hydroponics, Greenhouse, Germination, Seedling, Veg, and Flowers

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    62W Red and Blue LED Grow Light
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