6D Car Carbon Fiber Sticker, Full Car Body Protector Film with Anti-Wrinkle

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6D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap Film High Glossy Car Sticker Carbon Fiber Vinyl Car Wrap Sheet Roll Film Car Stickers and Decals Skin


Color: Black
Brand Name: SEA METAL
Special: Car whole body anti-scratch
Size: (300/152cm) x (50/30/10cm)
Material Type: PVC
Gift: 1*scissors
How to get gift: Buy 30cm/50cm
Suitable: Vehicle, motorcycles, bicycle, mobile phone, Car parts, Helmets, Suitcases, Computers, Furniture, etc.

Package: 1roll

1. Quality assurance: 100% new quality from SEA METAL. High glossy film Shiny and flexible surface reinvented your car. 

2. Good Ductility: This 6D vinyl has good ductility and can adapt to almost any textured surface contour.

3. Easy to apply: When heated with the hairdryer, the hairdryer can be bent slightly and leaves no bubbles or wrinkles.

4. High compatibility: Can be used in any packaging, such as car parts, motorcycles, helmets, suitcases, mobile phones, computers, furniture, etc. More uses are waiting for you to discover.

5.Waterproof and scratch-proof: Very durable, with UV protective layer, resistant to water, dirt, grease, also easy to clean.

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