90cm Car High Rear Additional Stop Lights Flexible LED RGB Strip 12V

  • Brand new colorful high-position brake lights, colorful flowing, attract attention for your car.
  • Waterproof and durable soft silicone material, high-brightness LED lamp beads, low energy consumption.
  • The smart decoder can be directly wired and used to switch the light mode synchronously with the original car.
  • Pins are designed at the end of the wire, which will not damage the original power supply and can be installed without damage.
Product name: car LED colorful trunk light
Light color: red/white/yellow/colorful
Mode: driving/turn signal/brake/reverse/double flash
Material: PVC+LED
Size: 900 * 17 * 9mm
Voltage: 12V
Application: General Motors
Function: Prevent rear-end collision

Wiring instructions:
The red wire is connected to the positive electrode or ACC, and the black wire is connected to the negative electrode.
White wire: connect the brake light (red flashes three times and then keeps on).
Greenline: connect to the driving lights or ACC (Colorful Cycle).
Blueline: reversing light (reversing white is always on).
Yellow wire: Connect the left and right turn signals (yellow streamer lights).
Double flash: yellow flows from the middle to both sides.

Tips: In addition to the red/black/white wires that need to be connected, other wires can be connected according to personal needs.

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90cm Car High Rear Additional Stop Lights Flexible LED RGB Strip 12V
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