Car Charger Volvo Wireless Charger for Volvo XC90 XC60 S90 S60 V90 V60

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Name:Seametal For Volvo Cars(dedicated)
Applicable models:For XC90 S90 V90 XC60 V60 S60
Charging method:Electromagnetic induction+QC3.0 USB
Purchase tips: This phone needs to support wireless charging to use
The output voltage:Wireless charging: 5V/1.2A 9V/1.6AQC 3.0 USB: 3.6-6V/3A 6.5-9V/2A 9-12V/1.5A
Output power:15W (wireless charging) 18W (USB interface) 18W (PD)

1.Car wireless charger, dedicated for Volvo, suitable for XC90 S90 V90 XC60 V60 S60, the original model is dedicated to special cars

2.Charging station features, intelligent dual output, short circuit protection, charging protection, stable voltage, high-temperature protection, wide compatibility

3.Volvo xc90 wireless charger has a 15w wireless charging switch button, wide electromagnetic induction charging range, strong charging stability, fast charging speed, two ambient lights, two QC USB 3.0 sockets, multiple practical functions, and a very practical and comfortable driving experience

4.Fast charging mat is equipped with temperature control, using flame-retardant materials, with temperature protection chip, effective temperature control, flashing reminder if foreign objects are placed on the panel, it will flash to avoid affecting the charging

5.Every detail of Volvo charging plate is clearly visible, non-slip design, non-slip panel design to prevent the phone from falling off, QC USB 3.0 socket, 36W high power, dual interface, easy to use ABS material in the back seat, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, and flame-retardant, safe to use
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Car Charger Volvo Wireless Charger for Volvo XC90 XC60 S90 S60 V90 V60
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