Car Cover Windshield Car Sunshade Blocks UV Rays Sun Visor Protector

C40774 *

Product Name: car snow cover
Material: PET reflective insulation laser film
Function: shade, sunscreen, insulation, UV protection
Applicable season: four seasons general

Size: Hatchback front + side 130*70 CM / Sedan front + side 140*70 CM / SUV front + side 140*75 CM / Universal front gear

1.Sun-proof Covers Windshield, new sun-shading laser aluminum foil for automobile covering, the best PET material. Good reflection and heat insulation effect

2.The new type of laser + aluminum foil material Car shield cover can play a better reflection and shielding effect, avoid sun exposure inside the car, and extend the service life of the car

3.Windshield heat shield is composed of laser aluminum foil, thermal insulation, thermal insulation cotton, white lining, good thermal insulation and reflection effect, and thorough sun protection.

4.Windshield Sun Shade Protector is easy to use, quick to install, easy to use, small space, and can be folded and stored after use

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