Car Decoration Interior Lights USB Light 7 Colors Remote Voice Control

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Name:Rhythm atmosphere lamp
Net weight:58g
Material:PVC shell
Light source color:red/blue/green/yellow/purple/white/ice blue
Charging voltage:5V

1.Colorful Car Interior Light, solid atmosphere plane mask mode, can project warm light and pure color atmosphere effect, stellar atmospheric diamond ceiling, can project Car atmosphere light star stage atmosphere effect

2.Voice-controlled Car Interior Atmosphere Light, sound sensor is built-in in the rhythm dance products, as long as there is sound sensor, the sensor will follow the rhythm of the LED lamp beads of the music rhythm

3.The wirelessly connected car color lights, the bottom of which is fixed by a magnet, is very convenient to install. It can be used as an atmosphere light for birthday party concerts in the hand, because it is very light and weighs only 58g.

4.Car Atmosphere Lamps is the creation of romantic scenes; let your car jump with music, and is also the creator of atmosphere for family reunion, entertaining karaoke and unforgettable time

5.The charging USB port of Car Interior Decor Light can be connected to various devices, such as mobile phone charging heads, computer power banks, car cigarette lighters, e-commerce machines, etc. It can be fully charged within 1 hour, and it can be enjoyed for about 10 hours with a single charge

6.Car ceiling Light adsorbed by a strong magnet, a strong magnet is built in the bottom of the atmospheric lamp, and the exterior is fixed with a viscous film. It can be used in other places such as car sunroofs, interior rooms, living rooms, etc.
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Car Decoration Interior Lights USB Light 7 Colors Remote Voice Control
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