Car Door Strip PVC Plastic Rubber Seal Easy to Install for Cars

C40763 *
Product name: car door guard
Product material: PVC Plastic
Product specifications:2m(78.7in)/5m(196.8in)/10m(393.7in)
Product color: black/white/gray

1.The new sealed design of car door guard, better anti-collision, sound insulation, waterproof, dustproof, can well protect the vehicle so that the vehicle can reduce losses

2.Easy to install, quick to install automotive door seal strip, just close it on the door, and then knock it tight with a hammer to complete.

3.Brand new Adhesive Auto Rubber, CNC precision-made, with nano-steel belt inside, never rust, anti-aging and durable, high-temperature resistance, non-fading, suitable for 99% of car models car door Weatherstrip.
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