Cordless Portable Car Hand Held Air Compressor Tire Pump, Black


Need extra pressure for your car or motorcycle? Are there no repair stations nearby? This cordless automatic air compressor pump is here to help! This is probably the best-aerated mercury available. All kinds of ball, car, motorcycle, bicycle and custom modes, etc.

Main material: Environment-friendly ABS.
Voltage: 5V
Item Length: 6.1cm
Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh
Output Voltage: 5V / 1.5A
Charging Input: 5V / 2A
Charging method: Type-C universal
Highest PSI: 120 PSI
Color: Black.
Weight: 700kg.


Built-in scene VS manual resolution
Our inflatable pump is set to five inflatable modes with a higher frequency of use at the factory, which can be intelligently selected according to the scene; other homes have no built-in modes that require manual adjustment.

Full stop VS manual control
Our air pump has two LED display screens, which display the current tire pressure and preset tire pressure at the same time.

Memory function VS manual adjustment
The air pump in this shop can record the tire pressure of the last inflated tire, and the tire pressure data can be selected intelligently when inflated next time, without manual adjustment like other homes.

Type-c VS single Android port
Our air pump has an external type-c charging port. Others basically only have one Android port, which is very inconvenient.

Storage air tube VS no storage place
The air pump is small in design and can be held by hand. There is a place to store the air tube, so it is not easy to lose; other homes do not have a built-in air tube to store, which is easy to lose.

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Cordless Portable Car Hand Held Air Compressor Tire Pump, Black
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