Car Seat Heater 12V Heated Seat Covers Protector Heating Seat Pad

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12-24V Front Heated Seat Covers instantly provide warmth to your entire body. It allows for more comfort and warmth satisfaction during the cold season so that you aren't freezing cold during your travels. Update your car with this Heated Car Seat Cover Electric Cushion!


Color: Black, Beige, Brown
Material: Artificial Plush/Long Plush
Application: 12v-24v
Applicable Season: Autumn And Winter
Item Weight: 0.6kg
Item Length: 1pc: 56cmX46cm / 1set: 116cmX46cm
Package Includes:
1pc/1set (1pc: only the seat bottom, 1set: seat bottom with back pad)


  • This is a heating car seat cushion suitable for 12V and 24V voltage. DC 12V or 24V adaptable voltage is adopted, its power is supplied through the vehicle-mounted plug, and the input voltage is 24V or 12V. Therefore, please know the voltage of your vehicle before purchase one.
  • This cushion is equipped with a digital display control panel with temperature control. When you click the Temperature button, temperature: 1. High-end somatosensory temperature is about 35~48 degrees 2. Mid-range somatosensory temperature is about 35~40 degrees 3. Low-end somatosensory temperature is about 30~40.
  • This product is equipped with Maximum power when three blue lights are on Intelligent thermostat: After the high-grade heating is turned on for 10 minutes, it will automatically enter the mid-range constant temperature state, and the heating will automatically stop after 50 minutes, and the heating will automatically stop after 60 degrees.
  • Four clips, two rear elastic straps & 2 straps around the bottom prevent the cushion from moving.
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