Car HUD Head Up Display GPS Speedometer OBD 2 Display Overspeed Alarm

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1. OBD+GPS dual system.
2. Two installation methods, A pillar installation + center console installation. The first stopwatch that can be installed on the A-pillar.
3. Currently, the first screen can rotate 270 degrees.
4. The first HUD small code table reaches the highest resolution of 240*240 for high-definition display.
5. There are three types of turbine pressure: PSI, 100KPA, bar. The turbine value can be adjusted and calibrated to increase the fuel consumption unit KM/L.
6. Up to 10 Hz refresh rate, there will be no stall delay phenomenon.
7. The GPS function can be displayed at the same time in the OBD mode, which is currently the first in the industry. When the speed is switched to MPH per mile, the water temperature will be automatically switched to Fahrenheit degrees, the single driving distance will also be automatically switched to Miles, and the fuel consumption will also be automatically switched to gallons MPG.
8. 8 kinds of display screens can be switched.
9. Function: OBD2 mode: speed, rpm, water temperature, voltage, fuel consumption, clock, single travel distance, single travel time, oil temperature, turbine pressure, acceleration test, brake test, overspeed alarm, engine failure alarm, elimination of fault code, water temperature alarm , speed alarm, voltage alarm, mile switch, fatigue driving reminder, automatic and manual brightness adjustment.
10. GPS mode: speed per hour, altitude, number of satellites, clock, mileage of per trip, time of per trip, compass.


Material: ABS
Colour: black
System: OBD+GPS
Screen size: 2 inches LCD
Screen resolution: 240*240
Bare metal size: about 9.7*6.1*4.9cm/3.82*2.40*1.93inch
Bare metal weight: about 40g
Line length: 175cm/68.90in
Application:1. not for Cars before year 2004 in Europe and America
2.not for Asia's cars before year 2008
3.not for Diesel vehicles and electric vehiclesPacking List:
1 x Host
1 x OBD2 Cable
1 x Hook and Loop
1 x English Manual


The following years and types of cars are not compatible

1. European and American cars before 04 cannot be used

2. Asia's cars before 2008 can't be used

3. Diesel cars and electric cars, hybrids of gasoline and electricity can’t use it .

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