Car Makeup Mirror Car Interior Stainless Steel Portable HD Auto Visor

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Name: SEAMETAL car cosmetic mirror
Material: Stainless steel
Features:Paste fixed,strong and durable
Size:11*6.5 cm/15*8 cm
Product features:
1.Car vanity mirror: stainless steel vanity mirror, fixed with double-sided tape, safe and durable.
2.Superb craftsmanship, high-quality materials.
3.High-quality stainless steel polishing, high-definition imaging, wear-resistant, drip-proof
4.Fashion and beauty:Beautiful appearance, does not affect the car.
5.Edge wrap processing : will not hurt the car, install it casually.
6.Paste without a trace: the back is fixed with double-sided tape, no traces, and strong adhesion.
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