Car Modification Universal Two-color Turn Signal Daytime Running Lights

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Product parameter:
Name:LED streamer light
Specifications:50 CM
Input voltage : 12 V
Material : LED wick
Power consumption : 8 W
Color : Ice blue/white/yellow
Product features:
1.LED streamer light:Upgraded LED lighting, sturdy and durable, waterproof, easy to install.
2.Highlight LED wick:Integrated connection, durable, lasting 20,000 hours, 5 hours of use per day, 4000 days of use.
3.IPC-6 waterproof design: fully sealed protection, waterproof, integrated connection, short-circuit proof, safe and reliable.
4.Super curved: high-quality PC material is more flexible, suitable for cars, easy to install and use.
5.Easy to install: the back is fixed with double-sided tape, which will not hurt the car and is easy to install.
6.Constant current controller: steady current and voltage stabilization drive + waterproof plug, safe and reliable.
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