Car Relay GPS Tracker Device GSM Locator Remote Control Anti-theft Monitoring Cut Off Oil Power System

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Product Name: Relay GPS Tracker
Item Size: 36*36*16 mm
Special Feature: waterproof
GPS type: GPS Tracker
Model Name: CJ720
Out Power: n/a
Gps Module: Yes
Voltage: 12V
Battery Life: 1 To 4 Hours
Model: CJ720
Battery: Support 30 minutes, power off alarm
Band: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
Satellite: GPS and GLONASS dual-mode
Network: GSM/GPRS, 2G
Accuracy: 5m
GPS Chip: MT2503D
Cut off oil: Control fuel pump line

1.Intelligent anti-theft system automatically cancels the anti-theft mode when the car is started; stops the ignition and the locator automatically enters the anti-theft mode

2.GPS Trackers-24 hours of multi-location tracking upload Beidou+GPS+LBS multi-mode positioning system to make the obtained position information more accurate and reliable, and eliminate all errors;

3.Electric fences set up safe areas. When the car enters or leaves the safe area, the mobile phone will receive the reminder as soon as possible. You can track the movement of the car without opening the app.

4.Auto Relay will store 180-day history records in the cloud for free, and record the 180-day trajectory of the car throughout the day. In case of special circumstances, don’t worry, you can see it on your mobile phone anytime and anywhere. It is so unpredictable.

5.Vehicle vibration alarm When the car is stationary, Car GPS locator automatically enters the defense state. When the car is moved or collided, the locator will immediately send an alarm message to the owner (SMS, mobile phone, APP, etc.)

6.Relay GPS Tracker is equipped with sensitive sensors. When the equipment is dismantled or damaged, the owner will immediately receive an alarm message.

How to use
CJ720 uses video introduction
1. open the cover, Insert a NANO SIM card support GSM/GPRS network into the slot and make sure the chip side is up、(blue light flashes, green light flashes,)
2.Set APN: APN123456 CMNET(please use your local APN instead of CMNET,if you do not know the APN content, you should contact your SIM card supplier)
3. Set admin number by sending an SMS command to the SIM card inside the device
For example: admin123456+86186******(+86186*****should be youe phone number)

Wiring method 1:
Special Note:
Oil pump(fuel pump) line search
Need professionals.
Or auto mechanic repair shop to help find.
Power supply, fuel cut control line
(1) The standard power supply of this equipment is 9V-95VDC, the red line is the positive pole of the power supply, and the yellow (black) is the negative pole of the power supply; when installing the negative pole of the power supply, please select the grounding or grounding separately, and do not share with other ground lines;
(2) The oil cutoff control line (green/blue line) is connected to the oil pump(fuel pump) line.
3. The voltage of the fuel pump line is: 5-15V. The current range is less than 30A.

Wiring method 2:
This method requires professionals to install and operate:
1. Locate the fuel relay.
2. Inside the fuel relay socket:
Fuel relay coil:
(The current range is generally 100-200 mA, which is safer, more applicable models, and safer equipment)
3. Cut: (fuel relay coil) voltage input line
The blue and green lines of the GPS device are respectively connected to the extension line of the (fuel relay coil) voltage input line.
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Car Relay GPS Tracker Device GSM Locator Remote Control Anti-theft Monitoring Cut Off Oil Power System
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