PU Leather Car Seat Cover Auto Seat Pads

C40769 *
Product Name: car seat cushion
Product Material: Breathable leather
Specifications: Single row front row/rear row
Scope of application: General Motors
Function: breathable, wear-resistant, protective

1.Auto Interior cover exquisite leather material, 3D design side bag, four-layer material is thick and soft, breathable perforated leather, comfortable and breathable, durable

2.Inside is a thick sponge Car Seat Covers Universal, comfortable, soft, and durable. There is a small pocket on the front seat cushion in the practical pocket, which can hold tissues, mobile phones, etc.

3.car seat cover set details: fixed by a rubber band, easy to install, stuck in the gap at the bottom of the valve seat, exquisite edge 3D surround design, detailed wiring, non-slip bottom non-slip particles, soft texture, easy-to-stick design, easy-to-stick rear seat cushion
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