Car Snow cover waterproof Universal Auto magnetic snow covers car windshield protector

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Product Name: Car Windshield Snow Cover
Pproduct Material: Aluminum foil
Product Size:About 145cm(57in)*120cm(47.2in)
Features:waterproof,Prevent snow,Quick install,Anti-UV

1. Car Windshield Cover blocks snow block strongly, strong magnetism, not easy to wear shirt. Anti-theft design, multilayer thickness, excellent material

2. Fast snow removal Cover Protector, using durable materials, can withstand the huge pressure of snow, directly open, you can remove the snow, simple and convenient operation

3.Car Windshield has the invisible anti-theft function of the extended side wing door. When the vehicle is used up, car cover’s side wing clip is inside the door to reduce the risk of theft

4. There is a strong magnetic field on Windscreen Cover body, built-in strong magnet, will not damage the paint, strong suction will not shift, no need to worry about wind and snow blowing

5. Auto magnetic Windshield Cover can protect your car all year round, whether it is protection, snow, sun reflection, sun protection, foreign body protection, etc., the rearview mirror is equipped with reflective strips to better warn vehicles and pedestrians at night
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