Car Tail Light Waterproof 12V LED Turn Signal Strip Brake Light

specification *
Product name: LED Car taillight
Product specifications:1 meter/1.5meter,cars/trucks
Product voltage:12V
Product material: PVC+LED
Suitable for vehicles: Universal

1. After installing Auto Tailgate lamp: the rear side view is bright and clear, and collision and rear-end collision are prevented, and the problem of dim and inconspicuous light of the original lamp is solved, and safety is increased

2.Three modes of Car turn signal reversing/brake/turning display to solve the lighting problem, 1. Drive mode light scanning When the driving light is turned on, the red light accumulates and scans 2. The double flashing tail box light is synchronized with the original turn signal, and the dual is turned on After the light flashes, it starts to flash on both sides, 3, the braking mode of non-stop flashing.

3. Car light uses imported brightness LED lamp beads, the specifications are 1m size/216 LED lamp beads and 1.5m size/324 LED lamp beads, yellow one third and red one third

4.Tailgate light bar is not afraid of the sun and rain, and can also be normally illuminated in rainy days. It only needs the strong double-sided adhesive surface mask to be peeled and pasted, and it is not easy to fall off and easy to install an LED brake light strip.

5.Car arrow lights align the color pin directly into the gap of the lamp holder and fix it, There are many installation positions. You can choose your favorite location.
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