Car Seat Back Protector, Anti-kick Pad

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Name:Car Anti-kick Mat
Material: Leather
Color: Black
Quantity: 1PC/2PCS
Size: Small / Big

Product Description
The anti kick pad is designed to prevent the rear seat passengers from accidentally scratching the seat and polluting the seat. In addition to protecting the rear seat, this product also has storage design, simple and convenient, and it can better arm your car.

 Advantages of product
1.[Waterproof effect is good] this protective pad adopts high-quality materials, which can effectively protect daily rainwater, drinks and other liquids.
2.[Scratch and wear resistance] The selection of high-quality leather products, gives this product durable characteristics.
3.[Easy installation] Take full account of consumer habits to design, making this product easy to install and use.
4.[Storage design] To take care of the rear passengers, the product is designed with a storage pocket to enhance the ride experience.

 Features of products
1.High quality leather fabric
2.The fixing clip does not affect the vehicle
3.tightly routed tightly wrapped
4.shrink buckle for quick installation

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