Head-Up Display Car HUD OBD2+GPS Speedometer Fault Code Elimination


Head-Up Display, the important function is to display the car dashboard information like vehicle speed, RPM, water temperature, voltage, travel distance, driving distance, etc.


Powerful and practical multi-function: speed, water temperature, engine RPM, voltage, driving distance, travel time, altitude, acceleration test, and brake test, single mileage.

Security Alert: water temperature alarm, voltage alarm, gear shift reminder, Overspeed alarm, fatigue driving reminder, engine failure alarm.

Exquisite and unique design, High-definition display lens, not affected by external light, no film is needed, hassle-free plug and play, easy to operate.

Early warning of low voltage vehicle high and water temperature before vehicle breakdowns, which ensure your safety while driving.

OBD2+GPS dual-mode is Suitable for All Vehicles.
OBD mode: water temperature, voltage, fuel consumption, RPM, etc. Alarm: Overspeed alarm, Engine fault alarm, Clear fault code, Free switching between kilometers and miles, Celsius and Fahrenheit switch freely.
GPS mode: vehicle speed,travel time, satellite time, altitude, satellite number, driving direction, single mileage, voltage, acceleration test, and brake test.


Product Name: Car HUD Display
Condition: New
Model: P17
Screen size: 3inch
Environment temperature: -40℃—+80℃
Atmospheric pressure: 86-106 KPa
Environmental noise: <= 60dB (A)
Alarm sound level: =30dB (A)
Working voltage: 11V ~ 18Vdc (12Vdc / 200mA)
Product size: 12.5*6.8*3.1cm
Package weight: 350g
Display Information: Vehicle speed/voltage/water temperature/fuel consumption/single mileage/speed/total mileage/travel time/travel direction/search stars number altitude/intake pressure/time/oil temperature/air fuel ratio/ pressure/data stream reading/acceleration test/brake test/intake pressure
Alarm: Speed Alarm, RPM Alarm, Voltage Alarm, Faulty Code Alarm, Overspeed Alarm, Water temperature alarm, Clean DTCS, Shift reminder, Engine fault alarm (free switch between centigrade and Fahrenheit)

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Head-Up Display Car HUD OBD2+GPS Speedometer Fault Code Elimination
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