License Plate LED Backup Light for Car SUV Truck 3030 Lens Lamp Beads

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  • This plate substitute is versatile, so it can be used in any 12V/24V truck, car, and RV.
  • The board light has a plug and plays function, so the installation is simple, easy to understand, and implement.
  • LED car auxiliary light retrofit technology chip metal shell Highlight lens.
  • The red light is on when braking. Good stability Imported lamp beads Long life.
  • Water resistance can be wiped freely make car wash more at ease.
  • After loosening the inner hexagon, adjust at will. Resistant to bending, not easy to break.
Installation tutorial
Install in the hole of the license plate.
Find a suitable location for self-tapping screw installation.
Wiring method
Yellow Line: Connect the positive wire
Red Line: Connect the positive wire
Black Line: Connect the negative wire

Product Name: Multi-function warning light for automobile
Line interface: Automotive general interface
Scope of application: Reversing lights, brake lights, decorative lights
Applicable car model: Common to most 12V/24V cars
Specification: DC12V/24V
Note: A small number of models are not available
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