QC3.0 Car Charger 12V Dual USB Outlet Waterproof Fast Charger for Phone

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Product Name: Cigarette Lighter Car Charger
Brand Name: SEA METAL
Product material: ABS
Product Color: Black
input Voltage: DC 12V - 24V
USB 1 Output : DC 5V/3A;9V/2A;12V/1.5A
USB 2 Output : DC 5V/3A;9V/2A;12V/1.5A
Size: 50x37x29mm
Material Type: ABS
Item Type: Cigarette Lighter
Item Weight: 56g
Special Features: With Steam Light Voltage Display
Model Name: C40520
External Testing Certification: CE
Package: 1pc / 2pcs

Cigarette Lighter Car Charger with LED Streamlight Voltmeter Dual QC3.0 USB 12-24V Waterproof 2 Ports Power Socket ON/OFF Switch

How to use:
1.Press the button to turn on the power, wait for 2s, the real-time voltage will be displayed.
2.Press the button once again to change to the red power indicator mode. Both display modes can be freely switched by the button, 
3.Press switch for 2s to turn off the device. 
1: This is a QC3.0 intelligent fast charger, with voltage display, high voltage warning, it can display charging rate, 
2.there is a switch that can freely switch the mode of display and turn on/off the power. 
3.The red indicator light will light up when the input voltage exceeds 14.6V, monitor the voltage at any time.
4.When the device is charging for your phone, the streaming light will run cyclically.
5.Applicable for cellphone, tablet PC, GPS, and other USB-devices
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QC3.0 Car Charger 12V Dual USB Outlet Waterproof Fast Charger for Phone
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