2Pcs Universal Car Shock Absorber Spring Bumper Power

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1.Add comfort, obvious cushioning effect, reduce car body vibration, and reduce noise in driving
2.Improve the stability of the body during the turn, and the road is safer
3.The car spring will become weaker with the increase of the service life, resulting in the height of the car, which can be reduced easily and easily. After installation, it can improve the car body, increase the load of the car, and restore the performance of the spring
4.Protect shock absorber and suspension, extend service life and avoid oil seal leakage
5.The product's material use SEBS, high resilience, environmental and tasteless
6.The upgrade design adopts 19 buffer space, equalization pressure, and the damping effect is more obvious
7.It will not deformation in 2 years, it can be use in high and low temperature(-40° — +90°)and it is very suitable for Russia, certainly, other countries can use too,China top quality,  After the Chinese buyer test, the use of 17 months has maintained its shape    
Product Name: Car Shock Absorber (New)
Material: SEBS
Service life: 4 years
Suitable temperature: -40 ° -  +90 °
Model: A / B / C / D / E / F
Suitable:For All The Cars
Package: 1 Pair
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