Car Door Seal Strip, Auto Weather Stripping For Noise Insulation (L-type)

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Auto Door Rubber Seal Strip Car Sealer L-type Cars Trunk Edge Seals Strips Sealing Adhesive Stickers Soundproofing Weatherstrip

Product name: Car seal strip
Matetial: Rubber
Model: Universal for all the cars
Item type: Fillers, adhesives & sealants

Specification: 2m, 4m, 16m, 25m
Use: Noise insulation, dustproof, leakproof, waterproof

Color: Black


1. An upgraded L type universal seal weather striping,used to replace other Type D, P, Z and O stripe. Easy to install and high strength adhesive weatherseal
2. Made of High Quality rubber,non-toxic,more durable and flexible.Noise Reduction, Waterproof, Dustproof & Soundproof & Windproof.High temperature resistance & cold resistance, prevent ultraviolet light.
3. This weatherstripping sealing strip enhances the leakproofness of your car, which make door close more tightly .Reduce the noise of wind when you drive your car at high speed. Have a nice trip with your family.Make your car more sealed so that you could keep your car away from dust, raindrop and Fog. Soundproofing insulation best waterproof dealer.
4. Easy-installed tool.Direct replacement tape, you just need to push the stripping foam on the rubber sealant above the installed place.
5. High Quality weatherstripping. It will seal the gap between car door, car body, car hood, bed rail etc. Enhance driving comfort while cruising on the highway. Excellent sound proof compression set resistance for maximum service life and vibration absorption.

Package: 1pc/order

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Car Door Seal Strip, Auto Weather Stripping For Noise Insulation (L-type)
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