Speedometer HUD OBD2 Head Up Display for Tesla Model 3 Model Y


Our premium car head up display OBD2 HUD speedometer is perfect for you! It is the best reliable digital speedometer for your car in the market.


  • Multi-function display: Driving time, Driving mileage, Clock, Door indicator, Fog light, Turn signal, Remaining battery percentage, Vehicle speed display, Gear display, Low beam, Hight beam, Seat belt indicator, Width indicator light, Energy progress bar, Automatic parking, etc.
  • Light sensor: HUD head-up display can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment.
  • Car battery monitoring: Display the currently available power in real-time. Brightness: default 0(Automatic sensitivity),1-8(the brightness will be increased as the digital added).
  • No ghosting, no film: Come with the reflective lens, no need to paste the film, no ghosting.
  • Speed: Digital display the vehicle driving speed. the default value of speed alarm is 150 (the default value can be changed, pull down is to decrease, pull up is to increase, adjust range is 5-200km/h).
  • Navigation method: Download app. Connect wirelessly the HUD and smartphone via Bluetooth, and the navigation information will be displayed synchronously via the APP. (Android 4.0, Apple IOSiphone5 or higher, Please search WiiYii in App store to download)


Ambient temperature: -40~+80 C
Atmospheric pressure: 86-106kPa
Relative humidity: 10%-95%
Environmental noise: ≤60dB(A)
Alarm sound level: ≥30dB(A)
Screen size: 5.1 inches
Sound Switch: turn on/off the buzzer
Language Set:Please choose your familiar language(CN-SimplifiedChinese/TW-Traditional Chinese/ EN-English)
Alarm Icon: Over speed alarm.


This Car HUD fit for Tesla models 3 and Y.

Package Content

1 * T3 Head-Up Display
1 * DateCable
1 * Crowbar
1 * Non-slip Mat
1 * Cleaning Cloth
1 * User Manual

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Speedometer HUD OBD2 Head Up Display for Tesla Model 3 Model Y
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