Led Car Rear Strobe Warning Light Waterproof Brake Light Triangle Red

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Led Car Brake Light Rear Strobe Warning Lights Red Taillight Waterproof Daytime Running Light Anti Collision Signal


  • The brake light flashes once every 2 seconds while driving, and the brake status will flash 5 times quickly and then stay on.
  • It adopts a closed design, is waterproof, and can be used normally on rainy days.
  • There are 13 lights and 19 lights styles, a built-in condenser reflector, can improve the brightness of the lamp beads.
  • There are two installation methods, double-sided adhesive installation and screw fixed installation, and the bracket can be adjusted freely.
  • It is suitable for most models, with a triangular design and small size, which will not affect the appearance of the vehicle.

    Product name: Car driving light
    Application: Most models
    Material: ABS+LED
    Wattage: 2W
    Lumens: 1000lm
    Lamp beads: 12 /19 led
    Size: 87*95*34 (mm)
    color: red
    Service life: 20000 hours
    Installation position: car rear guard plate

    Installation instructions
    Connect the red wire to the brake light.
    Connect the white wire to the positive pole.
    Connect the black wire to the negative pole.
    The blue wire is connected to ACC or small light.

    Package: 1pcs Triangle Pilot Light
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    Led Car Rear Strobe Warning Light Waterproof Brake Light Triangle Red
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