Universal Car Seat Belts Clips Safety Adjustable Auto Stopper Buckle

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1 Pair Black
1 Pair Red
1 Pair Silver
According to the statistics, people cause more and more traffic accidents because of the driver's heart pressure. Stability and balance mean the safety of the traffic and the smooth traffic. The safety clips can effectively tighten and shrink effectively, and protect the safety of your and your family's driving.

Product name: car safety belt clip
Model: SD-1401
color: silver, red, black.
Size: 58mm (long) *40mm (wide) *16mm (thick) (Bandwidth: 50-51mm)
Material: body PP, accessories TPR (super-strong new material)
Net product: 11g
Gross: 44g
Product packaging: 2pcs/ packaging paper packaging

Product characteristics
  • Installed on the car seat belt to prevent wear and tear caused by friction between the clothes and the seat belt, reduce the pressure of the seat belt on people, and add more comfort.
  • The Intimate design adjusts the back of the product buckle, controls the tightness of the seat belt, seat belt-tightening can be completely retracted freely.
  • Various colors for your choice, decoration in the car seems to have a grade. It is easy to install and use, and can be completed in 30 seconds.
  • Automotive quality, workmanship, material selection, practical, diversified. Easy to install and use.
  • Suitable for all 53MM wide security belts.
The adjustable seat belt clip can adjust the length of the seat belt, increase comfort and operate conveniently.
When installing, use coins to open the clip and install it on the seat belt.

Package Included:
A pair Safety belt clip
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Universal Car Seat Belts Clips Safety Adjustable Auto Stopper Buckle
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