Universal Carbon Fiber Car Rearview Mirror Rain Eyebrow


Rainy Weather Blurred the Rearview Mirror change lanes Conditions Cannot be Clearly observed, Which makes driving Very dangerous.

The rain-proof blade Helps to block the rain Interference so that you Can distinguish the rearview Mirror more Clearly and Increase the safety Factor of Driving.

When the sun is Shining, The rearview mirror rainproof blade reduces Reduce the reflection of sunlight Make Reduce the reflection Decorate the Rearview mirror, and do not Block the driving Line of sight, it is your Best Choice.

Name: SEAMETAL Car Rearview Mirror Rain Eyebrow
Material: PVC
Function: Shelter from glare and rain
Applications: Universal
Color: Carbon fiber pattern black

  1. Wipe your rearview mirror
  2. Remove the tape
  3. Press firmly place
  4. Finished
Installation Tips:
  • In cold weather, if necessary, heat the deflectors using a hair drier(or another heat source)making the plastic soft for easy bending.
  • The mirror must be clean when you stick the product.
  • Press firmly to ensure a good grip of the adhesive.
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Universal Carbon Fiber Car Rearview Mirror Rain Eyebrow
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