Winter Car Seat Cushion Covers Short Plush Protector Pads, 4 Colors

Color *
Black Front 2pcs
Black 3pcs
Gray Front 2pcs
Gray 3pcs
Beige 3pcs
Pink 3pcs
Pink Front 2pcs
Black Rear 1pc
Beige Rear 1pc
Pink Rear 1pc
Black Front 1pc
Beige Front 2pcs
Pink Front 1pc
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Healthy and high grade flannel surface, high elasticity sponge filler. Soft and keep the seats nice and cool.
Designed with non-slip backing, the cushions will stay in place and don't move around when you get in and out.
Cover up the cracked and dirty original seats. Just choose a color that match tone of your car interior.
Extra storage space. Each cushion has a pocket that hangs down in the front to hold small items and it's great to drop spare change rather than in the console.

Color: Black/Gray/Beige
Size: 48*52cm 18.9" * 20.5"
Rear Size: 48cm*133cm 18.9" * 52.4"
Item Weight: 2.65 lb
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