Daytime Running Light LED DRL for Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco 2018-2019
Our LED DRL is made from high-quality ABS plastic material, good dissipation function, and durable, a perfect aftermarket replacement.Features Using the imported LED light source, it has good stability, low calorific value, and long service life. Water-proof, explosion-proof, energy-saving and...
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Car Light Led, Car Headlight Decorative Multi Color Daytime Running Lights LED Waterproof
Product name: Car Led Light StripLight color: red/ice blue/green/blue/purple/orange/clorfulVoltage: DC12VProduct material: Silicone tubeUse model: General model The importance of car lightsOn rainy days, foggy days, mountain roads, corners, Car Headlight Strip Lights can improve driving safety and improve vehicle recognitionMulti-mode...
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