NEW Car Head Neck Pillow with Adjustable Strap For Relieve Neck Pain

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Beige Pillow 1pc
Black Pillow 1pc
Black Pillow 2pcs
Gray Pillow 1pc
Gray Pillow 2pcs
Beige Pillow 2pcs

Breathable Ice Silk Car Pillow Super Soft Headrest Travel Camping Neck Pillow Support Cushion Memory Foam Cotton Auto Pillow


  1. Double-sided arc design. It provides additional support for your neck and head and helps improve posture while driving, reducing muscle tension and stress.
  2. The memory foam construction and compact ergonomic design mold to your unique shape to maintain neck support.
  3. If you ever want to stop at a rest area along the freeway and take a nap to relax during a long car trip, just attach our pillow onto the default headrest and adjust your seat to a reclined position.
  4. The compact design and easy installation make this car neck pillow exceptional for use in your daily drive or while you travel. The adjustable strap allows you to install it easily.
  5. We’ve designed our car headrest pad to help support your neck and head while you drive. Maintaining proper spine alignment helps to reduce muscle and joint discomfort.
  6. To keep your car neck pillow clean, we’ve installed a removable plush velour cover that is simple to install and machine-washable.

Product name: Car neck pillow
Item size: 30x20x14cm
Item color: Black, Beige, Gray
Filler: Memory foam

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