Car Dashboard Pads,Car Anti-slip Mat for Cell Phone, CD, Electronic Devices, IPhone

C40755 *
Product name: car Anti Slip Pad
Product material: PU PVC
Product size:27*15cm(10.6*5.9in)/42*20cm(16.5*7.8in)
Product specification: Sticky/No sticky

1.High-viscosity Car Dashboard Anti Slip Mat, better adsorption of objects, mobile phones, perfume holders, ornaments, etc. easily adhere, not easy to fall off, provide safe driving Cell Phone Automobile Pads.

2.The Car Dashboard Mat that prevents the sun, the car Non-Slip Mat that has been baked at a high temperature of 140 degrees in the test oven for 10 minutes and still has no signs of melting, it is resistant to high temperatures, even in the hot summer, don’t worry

3.Using PU nano-innovative black technology materials, the Car Dashboard Sticky made by condensation gives the product greater toughness, combined with the slightly convex surface pattern, making the bonding stronger and placing items more stable

4.Can be reused, if there is a cloud of small dust attached to the adhesion, it can be restored by directly washing with water
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