LED Light Bar Highlight Car Work Light 18-24 Lamp Beads Waterproof Off Road Lights

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Product name: work bar lamp
Power source:54W(18 lamp)72W(24 lamp)
Product Voltage:12V-24V
Product current:1A

Service life:50000hours
Color temperature:6500K-7500K
Applicable models:Universal
Product Size:145mm(5.7inch)*35mm(1.4inch)

1.Driving Lamp LED Light, LED high-brightness work lamp, imported lamp beads have a long service life, there are two specifications of 18 lamp beads and 24 lamp beads
19.002. Automotive Light Bars adopts high-brightness imported LED lamp beads, which are clear and bright, high brightness, and long service life

3.Led Light Offroad Truck is IPV6 waterproof level, high-strength waterproof, safe to use on rainy days, and effectively increase money

4.4. The differences between the two specifications of LED Driving Lamp are: 24 lamp beads, two modes, yellow and white, two-color changes; 18 lamp beads, three modes, yellow, white, yellow and white, three colors Variety
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