Car Door Seal Strip, Noise Insulation

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Condition:100% new

Material: EPDM rubber

Size:2/8 meters

Type: Big D , Small D , P , Z

Color: Black (as show in picture)



1. Enhancing the leakproofness of your car, which make door closing more thick.

2. Reducing the pavement and wind noise pass into the car to improve the driving comfort and avoiding the dust and rain into the car. 

3. You can apply to seal the front and back covers, which performs good in waterproof, dustproof and soundproof.

4. Inside metal clips provide a permanent grip on RV doors, truck cabs, golf carts, tractors, motorcycles, ATV fenders, fiberglass, sheet metal and more




1, using a neutral detergent wash away the dirt and dust and dirt on the doorframe mounting at.

2, the sealing strip with a double-sided adhesive tape.

3, the sealing strip at one end of the protective film tear affixed to the door frame to determine the location, and then according to the line of the installation of simultaneous tear protective film, pressing the paste to ensure that the installation of contact sealing can be.

4, paste after the ban to use hand to pull the sealing strip, banned in 3 days of washing water (rain no way back ah) within 24 hours as much as possible not to repeatedly open and close the door.

5, close the door after construction will be a bit tight, please do not worry, in the first 2-3 days when it can be normal.

6, please in the first 1-2 days of time to pay more attention to the door is not closed, safety first


 Package List:

4 meters X  Car seal strip

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