How Can Your Car Seats be Well Protected/Updated by SEAMETAL Products?


Imagine that Premium Car Seat Cushions with Diamond Stitch in your car and how they'll upgrade your car? They DO give your car a completely new look.   SEAMETAL Premium Car Seat Cushion with Diamond Stitch

All made of non-toxic and odorless PU leather material, waterproof PU leather cushions effectively trap dirt, spills, water, and any mess the weather brings. Very soft and airy when in use. 

Anti-skid textured backing conveniently locks the cushions in place in your car. Tough Luxurious material is sturdy and long lasting. Leather Universal cushion, easy to clean, wipe clean or scrub with water are super nice. SEAMETAL Premium Car Seat Cushion with Diamond Stitch

High end look, good quality. Exquisite leather and sewing. They haven't bunched up at all and are secure in the seat. They fit great in most all models of cars, they look so beautiful and practical. 

Highly elastic buckle,  the highly elastic buckle makes it adaptable to different seats, making the installation easier. 

Anti-slip silicone particles, the non-slip silica gel particles on the surface play a very good fixing role.  SEAMETAL Premium Car Seat Cushion with Diamond Stitch

Front pocket design, the front pocket of design is convenient for you to store some small items during driving or any other short period of time. SEAMETAL Premium Car Seat Cushion with Diamond Stitch

The display effect matches the vehicle pretty well, exquisite and beautiful.

Quick Installation snap, a quick installation buckle to make the installation of cushion more convenient.  First install the fasteners, then gently insert the buckle into the seat gap, finally pull out the buckle from the back of the seat and arrange it well.  SEAMETAL Premium Car Seat Cushion with Diamond Stitch

SEAMETAL products provide you a carefree and comfortable driving experience. Enjoy your drive, safe drive and believe in SEAMETAL products.

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