How did You Live without One of these Hooks in the Car?


I couldn't image in the past days that I had to ask someone to hold my purse, clothes, cap, scarf when I drove. As I came cross these little things, I loved them at the first sight. Stronly suggest every driver/woman driver especially have something like them rather than having someone hold your stuff as I used to do or just put all your stuff on the seat and floor. These things don't look bulky nor apparent when hooked on the back of the headrest and they have been quite sturdy, pretty and very strong too. SEAMETAL+bling bling rhinestones crystal decor

They look so stylish and so practical. Bling bling stuff is always brilliant to hang your handbag, shopping bag, umbrellas, wallets, school bags, bottles, children's toys, baby products and more. They fit securely and extremely easily.

They are very easy to use, pretty to look at and with good value. You can also put them on the passenger headrest facing forward and hang your items on them. It helps stop your handbag go flying when you drive, prevent the items cattered on the seat and floor. But from now on your handbag is safe and secure. SEAMETAL+bling bling rhinestones crystal decor

It is such a big helper to organize your car space. Highly recommend for it multi- purpose use, you can free up leg room and keep your other belongs upright, in a word you will travel more comfortably and leisurely.  You can even put them up in your wardrobe, bringing extra beauty to your home.

Gorgeous sparkle bling bling rhinestones crystal decoration, they are the perfect Christmas birthday gifts for ladies, girls, friends, bosses and colleagues. With them any of you can live better in the car!

Get them here: SEAMETAL+bling bling rhinestones crystal decor


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